Special Needs Estate Planning

Lifetime care is important, but quality of life is critical! This is true for everyone, but especially so for families
who are planning for the future of a child or other dependent with special needs. Special needs planning is
complex, requiring critical issues to be addressed, such as:

1.Considering the child’s options for housing, education, work, etc.

2.Selecting a guardian and/or conservator, if needed

3.Selecting the trustee(s)

4.Protecting government benefit eligibility by establishing a Special Needs Trust

5.Exploring funding options for the Special Needs Trust

6.Projecting future needs, related expenses and resources for your child

7.Creating a Letter of Intent

Because special needs planning is a unique endeavor, it requires the professional assistance of a Special Needs Planner: someone who understands the importance of planning and has the expertise in working with families such as yours.
Along with the guidance of a qualified estate planning attorney, Eric Birkenstein, CLU, ChFC is committed to helping
your loved one experience the quality of life they deserve and helping you feel prepared.

We can help you provide a quality of life for your loved one, even when you may
no longer be there for them.

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