After we understand your financial goals and needs, we will advise if additional insurance or a change in your current portfolio is recommended.  Here are some common questions that we help you answer in The Product Stage:

Life Insurance products and services

1. understanding your Needs

2. Finding the Best Solution

At Birkenstein Financial Associates, we  view Life Insurance Planning as a two step process:



We hope to go beyond simply managing insurance. Rather, we strive to become a long term trusted advisor.

First, is confidentiality: whatever you tell us is kept with us. Second, there is no such thing as a typical client or set of circumstances. Our approach is keyed to developing a complete understanding of your economic concerns and goals. We want to grasp where you are now and where you want to be. This includes analyzing your current insurance and  confirming that the product(s) continue to fulfill your needs. Should we determine that new coverage is recommended, we move to step 2.

 Birkenstein Financial

1. Understanding your goals, needs and concerns.

2. Recommending the best strategy and or product to address them.

  • Should I use term or permanent life insurance?
  • ​Does my spouse need life insurance?
  • ​Should I set up a trust to own my life insurance?
  • How do we plan for a child or dependent with Special Needs?
  • ​How does my old life insurance compare to newer policies?
  • ​What is a 1035 Exchange? Visit our affiliate company:
  • ​What is a Long Term Care Insurance Rider and does it add to the cost of new insurance? Visit our affiliate company:
  • ​I know what insurance product I want, but how do I know which insurance company offers the most cost effective product?
  • ​Are financial ratings important when choosing an insurance company?
  • ​How much life insurance do I need?
  • ​Can you refer me to an attorney that can review and update my existing Wills and trusts?
  • ​I have some health problems, can I still get affordable coverage?