This is an incredibly simple way for any company to reduce costs for something they are paying for anyway. If you would like more information or a copy of our white paper, "LTD: Under the Radar", please contact us.

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When it comes to Employee Benefits, our firm has a rather unique focus- Group Long Term Disability  Insurance (LTD) is our specialty and has been for over 25 years. This also includes Group Life and Short Term Disability Insurance.

Our entry into this market was the result of an observation we made about most Human Resource Departments. We discovered that they spent most of their time on health insurance and very little on LTD. To make matters worse, their insurance broker was managing both health insurance and LTD. They too, spent most of their time on the health insurance. In fact, most brokers consider LTD so secondary that they often refer to it as "Ancillary".

In recent years, this imbalance has grown. Health Insurance now requires even more attention due to ACA. As a result, LTD is overlooked and often overpaid.

We know how to fix that imbalance because we focus on LTD (and Group Life) and not health insurance. Our analysis will 9 out of 10 times:

  • Reduce plan costs by 20 to 30%, plus.

  • Provide a better plan design. (As an example, is the benefit taxable or tax free at claim time?)

  • ​Provide a better financially rated carrier, if you are not already with one.

(That most HR Departments overlook, because they are spending too much time on ACA!)

​​​Group Disability Insurance Review: An Easy Cost Reduction

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